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Become a member of Flagstaff Dental to enjoy receiving our practice benefits.

We’ll bring your smile out for the world to see.

Practise membership gives you discount on treatments, loyalty benefits and much, much more!

Become a member of Flagstaff Dental today, your membership entitles you to receive:

  • Routine Dental Examinations (up to 2 per year)
  • Routine Scale and Polishes (up to 2 per year)
  • Routine X-rays
  • A 10% discount off ALL other dental treatments*
  • Treatment planning to promote good oral health for life
  • Special promotions at the practice
  • A 6-month warranty on any dental work done at the practice
  • Oral hygiene packs and instructions to help you look after your teeth at home

All this for just $25 per month

We’ll bring your smile out for the world to see.

To join our membership plan, you just need to complete a simple application form. This will require your bank account details. Your application will then be processed to set up your monthly direct debit payment and we will contact you to confirm when your membership will be activated.

Please speak to any member of the team for more information.

30 day waiting period for first routine care appointment. * if membership is cancelled within any 12 month period, fees for routine care and discounts received for that period become payable in full (less any membership paid).