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We know dental treatment can be expensive, so we strive to provide high quality treatment at affordable prices.

We offer good old fashion payment plans that are tailored to suit your needs. This means you can pay your treatment off over time without having to worry about interest or dealing with the middle man.


Dental Fees

Full Mouth Check Up$60

Hygiene Treatments

Regular Maintenance Scale & Clean$145


 These range from $100-$270 depending on the tooth (Not Including Wisdom Teeth)$100-$270


These range from $160-$320 depending on the location, size and surfaces involved.$160-$320

Root Canals/Crown

From $850


Have you had an accident or injured a tooth? The Tooth Group is a registered provider for ACC. We also prepare quotes for dental treatment to submit to Work and Income NZ.




Teens For Free

We provide free dental care from year 9 to year 13 students. Anyone who has left school that is under 18 is also eligible.  Pop on in any time to fill out a simple form to get these teeth back on track.

Family Discount

Raising a family can be expensive and we appreciate your loyalty. We offer a 10% discount across the board.

We want to look after our fellow students. 10% off all treatments.